4th Czech Mölkky Open Championship

September 5th, 2015 - Černá Hora,

15 km north from Brno


Umístění: Tým: Země
1. místo Opava Mölkky Team Česko / Czech
2. místo Men O `Mölkk Německo / Germany
3. místo Proradost Česko / Czech
4. místo SMA Alfa Slovensko / Slovakia
5 místo Semtamťuk Česko / Czech
6. místo Škopíci Česko / Czech
7. místo SMA Omega Slovensko / Slovakia
8. místo Zunako Slovensko / Slovakia
9. místo Třináctá mölkka Česko / Czech
10. místo Holky z Bystrce II Česko / Czech   
11. místo Albi Mölkky Team Česko / Czech 
12. místo Valcha(H)ři(b) ze Zubří Česko / Czech
13. místo Albi fosílie Česko / Czech
14. místo PROMÖLKKY 1 Slovensko / Slovakia
15. místo Holky z Bystrce I Česko / Czech
16. místo  1.ŽK Dulák Slovensko / Slovakia
17. místo Žmolky Slovensko / Slovakia
18. místo Albi (t)lamy Česko / Czech
19. místo Jelenice Česko / Czech
20. místo PROMÖLKKY 2 Slovensko / Slovakia
21. místo netrafil no a čo Slovensko / Slovakia
22. místo U3MED Rakousko / Austria
23. místo Albi Brownies Česko / Czech


Date of tournament: September 5th, 2015
Date of tournament:

Černá Hora (district Blansko), Na Škrku Street, sports area,

  15 km north from Brno, Czech Republic
  49°24'56.993"N, 16°34'25.289"E (49.4158314N, 16.5736914E)
Tournament headmaster: Lubomír Vlk                                   lubomir.vlk@molkky.cz
Main referee: Ing. Josef Buzek                 
Registration at the date: 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. (control of payment, team names and members)
Beginning: 10:00 a.m.
Teams: 3 players + 1 backup (optional). It is not allowed to change the backup for the players during the game. The only exception is in case of injuries upon the approval by the main referee of the tournament.
Starting fee:    300 CZK or 12 € - each player
  200 CZK – ČSM playing member
  230 CZK – those who also play Czech Master
  150 CZK or 6 € - registered backup
Team registration: www.molkky.cz by September 1st, 2015
Payment: Transfer to ČSM account or cash at the date of the tournament  If paying at the date, there will be extra charge 50 CZK or 2 € for each player or backup.Transfer have to be accrued on the ČSM account not later than September 3th, 2015
Platba na účet: Account name: Český svaz MÖLKKY
Account number: 2200231769/2010
IBAN: CZ7120100000002200231769
Variable symbol: VS: 11201509
Message for the recipient: Team name

Playing kit: Only Tuoterengas official kits.
Playing field: Flat green lawn of the new football field.
Playground: Playing fields are numbered and mölkkari will be determined. Spectators and the other team members are not allowed to step in mölkkari. Only the throwing player, score recording person, mölkky set up person and the referee are allowed in mölkkari. If discrepancy occurs, team captains may step in. Teams will record results of each game. In each game, the leading team records the results, the last team sets up mölkky
Prizes: Awarded will be the first three teams according the final score. Also the best
Czech team (all players from Czech Rep.) will be awarded as a Czech Master.




Český svaz MÖLKKY

Stranný 39
257 56 Neveklov
IČO - 22758003

Doručovací adresa:
Koniklecová 454/8
634 00 Brno