8h Czech Mölkky Open Championship

September 7, 2019 in Brno,

Venue of tournament: FC MEDLÁNKY, z. s.
Hudcova 642/33, Brno
GPS coordinates: 49.2393050N, 16.5769350E  Mapa
Date of tournament: 7. 9. 2019
Begining: 09:30 a.m.                               
Registration on the day of the tournament: 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. (control of payment, team names and members)
Tournament director: Ing.Martin Školoud
Main referee:  
Teams: 3 players + 1 backup (optional). It is not allowed to change the backup for the players during the game. The only exception is in case of injuries upon the approval by the main referee of the tournament.
Starting fee:    300 CZK or 12 € - each player
Registrace: Registration
ON LINE list of teams.
Team registration: On Web sites www.molkky.cz by August 30st, 2019
Payment: Transfer to ČSM account or cash at the date of the tournament  If paying at the date, there will be extra charge 50 CZK or 2 € for each player or backup.Transfer have to be accrued on the ČSM account not later than September 3th, 2019
Platba na účet: Account name: Český svaz MÖLKKY
Account number: 2200231769/2010
IBAN: CZ7120100000002200231769
Variable symbol: VS: 11201706
Message for the recipient: Team name

Playing kit: Only Tuoterengas official kits.
Playing field: Slag field
Playground: Playing fields are numbered and mölkkari will be determined. Spectators and the other team members are not allowed to step in mölkkari. Only the throwing player, score recording person, mölkky set up person and the referee are allowed in mölkkari. If discrepancy occurs, team captains may step in. Teams will record results of each game. In each game, the leading team records the results, the last team sets up mölkky
Prizes: Awarded will be the first three teams according the final score. Also the best
Czech team (all players from Czech Rep.) will be awarded as a Czech Master.

Food and drinks: Registered players and backups have lunch included in the starting fee. For other participants and spectators there is available refreshment stand.
Parking: Jabloňová, Brno, GPS N 49°14.34075', E 16°34.82347'
Map      Foto
  Tournament System_2019.pdf



Group A Group B
Mölkky Bystrc II We Will Win
Frankenmölkker-NPV PRORADOST
Lobestar Radioaktivní cukríky
Albi Mölkky Team FINOVÉ
Moravská Trojka FIGHTERS
Bavímefirmy.cz Wood Team Humpolec
Group C Group D
Bílovec HK Třináctá mölkka
The Incredible Mölkk PROMÖLKKY
Albi (T)lamy Mölkky Bystrc I
Lajka  !!! NEW !!! Kraťasi
Rodamiento Albi Pražác
Sadaři 100 bodů



Part 1: Group stage (9:30-12:50)

Teams are four eight-member groups (A, B, C and D), where teams will play each other to a total number of 7 matches. Two sets per match will be played (2:0; 1:1).

During the group stage teams have a total of 18 throws available to them within the individual sets, after which a winner of the set is declared the team with a higher number of points. In case of equal score, overtime is played – one extra throw for each team is awarded, after which a winner is declared a team with higher number of overtime points (for detailed rules see the end of this article).

After all games are concluded in the group stage, teams ranked in the first four places progress to Playoff-1, teams located in the fifth to eighth places progress to Playoff-2.

The following criteria determine the final ranking:
1. Higher number of won sets
2. Higher number of won matches (2:0)
3. Higher score difference
4. If the ranking is still not decided, result of mutual match decides, in case the match is equal, a draw decides.


Playoff seeding

Teams ranked first place in their respective groups are seeded to Playoff-1 in 1st to 4th position, sorted by the result achieved in the group (average per match);
Teams ranked second place in their respective groups are seeded to Playoff-1 in 5th to 8th position, sorted by the result achieved in the group (average per match);

Teams ranked fifth place in their respective groups are seeded to Playoff-2 in 1st to 4th position, sorted by the result achieved in the group (average per match);
Teams ranked sixth place in their respective groups are seeded to Playoff-2 in 5th to 8th position, sorted by the result achieved in the group (average per match);


Part 2: Playoff (14:00-18:00)

In both playoffs each team plays four matches in round-robin format:
- during the first round teams seeded 1. play against teams seeded 16., teams 2. play against teams 15., etc.;
- during subsequent rounds, winners play against winners from previous rounds, losing teams play losing teams from previous rounds, etc. until a final placing match.

During the course of Playoff-1, the first round (1/8 finals), the second round (1/4 finals) and all placement matches (5th - 16th place) are played on best-of-three sets basis (2:0, 2:1).
The winning-path matches of the third round (Semi-finals) and the medal matches (finals and third-place match) are played on best-of-five sets basis (3:0; 3:1; 3:2).

All Playoff-2 matches are played on best-of-three sets basis (2:0; 2:1) except for the finals, where best-of-five system is applied (3:0; 3:1; 3:2).


Overtime Rules:
In case of equal scores after the end of any single set during the group stage matches, an overtime follows. Each team has one extra throw, the pitch is left in its current state, fallen skittles are put upright at the place where they fell after each of the throws. Players order remains the same as during the set. Overtime winner is a team that achieves a higher number of points in this throw and is awarded one extra point in the scoresheet. If the score is equal after the throw, another throw is awarded to each team until decided. During overtime team cannot reach 50 points or fall to 25 points. Third consecutive miss (including ones continued from the set) loses the overtime, points earned in the set remain.


Český svaz MÖLKKY

Stranný 39
257 56 Neveklov
IČO - 22758003

Doručovací adresa:
Koniklecová 454/8
634 00 Brno