29/09/2012 20:54

We finished this tournament season on the top


    A republic competition in games KUBB + WOODBALL + MÖLKKY took place on the weekend
22. 9. - 23. 9. 2012 at Mušov pod Pálavou. Of course, a Mölkky competition was the most interesting for us, though someone also tried other games. Three two-membered teams started from ČSM. Overall started 22 teams. Foreing countries were represented by Slovaks with two teams (ALFA a OMEGA).

    So, ČSM were represented by three complete teams (ČSM 1, Proradost, Slepý patrony). Slepý patrony (Jarda Šmídek, Alena Kaltounková) finished on 13th place, when they had met with two finalists and they got the last place in this group. But they won with no problems games in a lower part of a table. Better was team Proradost (Josef Buzek, Markéta Palmášiová), a proceed to semifinal closely escaped them and they finished on the 9th place in the end.

    The achievement of our guys from ČSM 1 pleased me the most. They first got going in a competiton KUBB in the morning and masterfully went on through the mölkky competition to the final in the afternoon. In the finale, they met with teams SMA ALFA (this year- 2nd place on Championship of Czech Republic, 4th place on Championship of Slovak Republik, winner in Mušov), SPV Velatice and SPV Bílovec A. The finale was played in four rounds and until the last round was clear who would be the winner. Our guys played very well in the rainy finale so, after two wins and winnig of 49 points, they had perfect balance of 149 points and they led by 11 points over the others.

    Even though the last round was very dramatic, ALFA, wich was on the second place, was not successful and it fell to the final 4th place. On the other side, SPV Velatice tried to get the win, but our guys watched the first place; though they didn´t close the round, they got 49 points. Consequently, they won with great sum 198 points, SPV Velatice was on the 2nd place and on the 3rd SPV Bílovec A.

    In conclusion, I would like to thank to ČSM members for ideal representation and I would like to congratulate the boys for a great success. I watched with a thrill your finale round and you played really well. I hope you will be also successful at the international level as a part of ČSM. Thank you for a great representation of our association. You are our number ones!!!


    Josef Buzek – president Czech Mölkky Association


P. S.: Luboš and Milan tried even Woodball in Sunday and the winning poits closely escaped them, they won 4th place in the end.




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