18/09/2012 14:14

We are on the right way, but we still have room for improvement

    Historically, the first open championship of Czech Republic in the game mölkky took place. Finally, 25 teams started, they were represented by foreign contestants from 8 countries. 14 home teams competed; Slovaks had the biggest representation from foreign teams – they had 5 teams. Some really known names appeared in this competition; e. g. German champions Men O´Mölkk or winner of World Championship of individuals Suvi Soiny (team FraFin).

    Championship started according to schedule. We made a change in game plan because of foreign contestants, so 16 teams in 4 groups played in the final; therefore all teams had the same conditions. Even though this change looked unprofessional, it really improved the competition itself. Shortly, it was just first championship, so some mistakes were removed on the fly. For possible comments use forum on our website and now I would like to talk about game itself.

    Three complete teams started from association ČSM (ČSM, Lumíci a Slepý patrony) and our representative was also in other team. Team ČSM had a bad day and was not really successful in the competition, though they struggled to the end for proceed among the best sixteen. They met in a 3-membered group with Slepý patrony and Slovak OMEGA. After balanced match, outsiders Slepý patrony could rejoice win, the second was Slovak OMEGA and ČSM unfortunately ended on the third place, so they didn´t proceed.

    Finally, ČSM finished on 23rd place. Slepý patrony was better, they surprisingly proceeded; even though it was not enough to final, they won in their group together with team Spain is different and took 9th – 10th place, so it was big succeed for them.

    The team Lumíci was the biggest surprise for me. They didn´t use complicated tactic; even though they were just enjoying the game, they achieved the best score from our teams. They played very well, but they didn´t participate game of the final and they took 7th place. I think that many rivals now remember that lumík (lemming) is not just cute animal, but even very likable mölkky players from Brno.

    Lubo Vlk, representative of ČSM, achieved the best score. He played with international team Here 4 Beer, which won 5th place, and that is why he was the most successful representative in this championship.

    Slovak team ALFA, German Men O´Mölkk and surprisingly two Czech teams competed in final. There was no wonder that German team won, ALFA took the second place. Štukyňáci took the 3rd place and it was big surprise of whole Championship; they skipped more experienced SA-KO team on the 4th place.

    In conclusion I would like to thank to official sponsor ALBI Company for beautiful prizes, to ČSM members for great representation of association, and to all teams for participation in competition. I know that everything wasn´t perfect, but I still hope you enjoyed Championship, and I believe we will meet again next year on the 2nd year. So don´t hesitate and throw!




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