28/01/2013 14:42

Mölkky World Championships 2013

Something about history

The first Finnish Championships in Mölkky were held at Vesijärvi Harbour on Saturday 28 June 1997. The harbour was a good side for the event until 2008, although there was some grumbling as to the quality of the playing field. However, at least the playing field was the same for all participants and there were excellent peripheral services at the harbour. Mostly on the Youth Association Organisation's request, the event was moved to the Kisapuisto sporting arena in Lahti for 2009 and 2010. The fields there were in excellent condition, but surrounding activity was more difficult to organise. In year 2011, the event moved once again, this time to the Lahti market square. Last year, beeing 2012, the event moved once again, this time to the Lahti Circus field behind Lahti Bowling Hall.

The Mölkky Association has made a preliminary motion that the World Championships should start rotating from one country to another. This would probably be beneficial in terms of internationalisation. On the association's website there are results from the World Championships.

Mölkky World Championships 2013 is approaching! The games are held in Kisapuisto Lahti on August 17th – 18th. Participation fee is 90€. Please note that the last day of registration is July 26th. 




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