03/07/2012 18:53

German Championship in Erlangen

On June 15th-17th 2012, the CMA representative Milan Varga participated in German Championship in Erlangen as a member of joint Czech-Slovak team (with members of SMA).

In the international competition of 30 teams, the team finished at historical 5th place. The organizers divided the competition into two days, where the first one served for qualification. The competitors were divided into two groups of fifteen. Of each of the fifteen teams, thirteen proceeded into the second day, whereas the six best teams overall qualified directly into quarterfinals. The joint Czech-Slovak team had to go through a direct battle for quarterfinals. In the end, they were successful after turning the tables in the match with Finnish “ladybugs” Pisterpirkot. Excited and invigorated, the team then proceeded to eliminate the favorized A group winners, Stockla Boum. The quarterfinals did not go well in the beginning, but after another comeback the team tied the game to 2:2. In the decider, the game was still hanging in the balance, until the final throw decided. Alfa-Omega failed to knock down the pin no.4, and the  dream of medal games dissolved. After another win, the team finished in a nice 5th place.





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