13/02/2014 02:29

Dobruška MÖLKKY OPEN (14. 6. 2014)

I am pleased to announce you that a big Mölkky action is again in the calendar. Highlight the 14. 6. 2014, it is the date of Dobruška MÖLKKY OPEN - the second year of international tournament in the Mölkky game. This year we are the official partners of the Dobruška FEST 2014 and the Mölkky tournament is taking place there.

More informations about this tournament are available on our website or on the Dobruška FEST 2014 website   and on our facebook (please send facebook invitations your friends).

More informations about accomodation, eating etc. are going to be published on our facebook and on the Dobruška FEST websites.

I hope that we will meet with fans, players and biginners on the Dobruška MÖLKKY OPEN. It will be a really good training for a republic championship and I hope we will also play very well.

Check out how the success Dobruška FEST 2013 and the 1st Dobruška MÖLKKY OPEN, photo gallery from last year is here.

Several important information:

team consist of three competitors and the possibility one additional player 

entry fee – only 2 € per player (6 € per team)

Internet registration is open here, register in time.

all teams fixed presence in play day at 9:00 - tournament starts at 10:00.





Český svaz MÖLKKY

Stranný 39
257 56 Neveklov
IČO - 22758003

Doručovací adresa:
Koniklecová 454/8
634 00 Brno