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2nd Chzech Mölkky Open 2013

2nd Czech Mölkky Open took place on Saturday 7th September 2013 at 10 AM in Popůvky u Brna. The organizer was Český svaz Mölkky and the main partner was ALBI ČR, a. s. Twenty two teams patricipated in the tournament, there were representatives from 8 countries including Czech Republic.

There were 15 foreign teams. From abroad Slovak with 7 teams had the strongest representation. Among teams the last year winner didn´t miss, the team of german champions Men O´Mölkk. Teams from Serbia and Austria joined as newcomers.

The Championship started according to a schedule. Two czech teams didn´t participate because they hadn´t  come to register, so that was a little bit disappointing. Finally only 7 home teams competed for the title of the Champion of Czech Republic. The game plan was more attractive against the one from last year. The fight for final took place in the two-man groups and the decisive thing was not sum of points, but the number of wins. Only three teams competed in the final, but the system that all teams could play for their final position was maintained. So who wanted to play he could really enjoy it. Since the start the referees were at all playgrounds, which really benefited the quality and level of the tournament.

Finally from ČSM started only one completed team (ČSM 1) and we had our representative in another team. Team ČSM (Jarda Šmídek, Markéta Palmášiová and Alena Kaltounková)didn´t manage the key round and after three well-played rounds lost possibility to proceed among the best twelve teams because they got zero in last game. But in other rounds team ČSM 1 didn´t hesitate and won 13th place. Team ALBI ensured the titul of the Champion of Czech Republic after second round; it was the only home team which penetrated into the best twelve teams and that is why the final 12th position ensured them the titul. The most successful member of ČSM was Leoš Školoud who quickly completed serbian team Žohari and finally  gain pretty 8th place.

The german team, which was last year winner, Men O´Mölkk took place in the final, the second finalist was the german team Holzfäller and these two teams were completed by the french team Mölkk Your World. The german teams dominated in the final. Defending champion Men O´Mölkk defeated Holzfäller. The final was played at the very end of the program, so all participants of the tournament could watch it.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the official sponsor MČR, the company ALBI, for the great prices and for blowing win (swiping win); also I would like to thank the members of ČSM for perfect representation of association and aslo all teams for participation in MČR. To all, who participated in the organization of the second Championschip, belong my great thanks. So don ´t hesitate, throw and promote Mölkky that next year could be us more!



Josef Buzek – president CSM




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