Rakovník 18. – 20. 8.  2017

Official results

 1. Cobra Cska Finland
 2. mölkähtää German / French
 3. HMS-Nuevo Bueno Finland
 4. Vettynyt Janetzk 1 Finland
 5. BAMM 2 France
 6. YATCH France
 7. Konna&Koukku Finland
 8. HiiHoo Team Finland
 9. Bâton Moutarde France
10. EESTI Estonia

Official results MWCH 2017.pdf

Official results Warm UP 2017.pdf

Offical results NATION CUP 2017.pdf





Start list MWCH 2017.pdf                                                    Registrierte Teams

Playing system MWCH 2017.pdf

Program book.pdf

Draw grups MWCH 2017.pdf

Tournament rules MWCH 2017.pdf

Start list  Doubles Warm Up                                                                    Registrierte Teams

Draw grups Doubles Warm UP.pdf


Organizer: Czech  MÖLKKY association (ČSM)
Stranný 39, 257 56 Neveklov,  www.molkky.cz, mail:mwch2017@molkky.cz
Contact person: Josef Buzek - tournament director mwch2017@molkky.cz
Organizing committee: Leoš Školoud - president of ČSM leos.skoloud@molkky.cz
  Leoš Fiala - chairman leos.fiala@volny.cz
  Josef Buzek - tournament director josef.buzek@molkky.cz
  Lubomír Vlk - tournament director lubomir.vlk@molkky.cz
  Jaroslav Chmelík - results processing jaroslav.chmelik@seznam.cz
  Šárka Pichertová - accommodation/dining cafex@cafex.cz
  Marcela Nováková - transport from the airport info@sntour.cz
Date of Championship: Saturday and Sunday 19. – 20. 8. 2017
Doubles Warm Up tournament: Friday 18. 08. 2017
Venue of Championship: Teniscentrum Cafex
Na Studánkách 2590, 269 01 Rakovník, tel. +420-313516183
www.cafex.cz, e-mail: cafex@cafex.cz
9 clay courts, 3 beach volleyball fields, 2 squash courts, bowling
Number of participants: not limited
Registration: must be done during 01. 01. – 10. 07. 2017
Starting fee: 80 Euro for team (2200,- CZK)
Doubles Warm Up 10 Euro for team
Teams: each team considers from  4 – 6 players, captain of the team must be above the age of 18
Fields: 36 numbered fields, 5 x 14 m, throw 3,50 m, red clay surface
Mölkky: games are always played with official Tactic Games Oy Mölkky-games or with earlier produced games by Tuoterengas.
Restaurant and sanitary facilities: Teniscentrum Cafex
Accommodation: Teniscentrum Cafex, www.cafex.cz and another hotels in Rakovnik
Medical service: non-stop first aid trained staff, hospital Rakovník 400 m
Alcohol: alcoholic beverages and drinking is prohibited in the playing fields
Smoking: smoking is prohibited during the game, allowed only in designated areas
Judges: referee and the jury are nominated by IMO, officials at each fields are nominated by the organizer
  • medals, cups and material prizes for teams on 1.– 6. places of World Championship
  • medals, cups and material prizes for teams on 1.– 3. places of Nations Cup
  • medals, cups and material prizes for teams on 1.– 3. places of Parallel Tournament
  • medals and plaques for teams on 1. – 3. places of Last chance Tournament
Rules: official IMO mölkky rules are followed, throw is delimited by Mölkkaari

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Český svaz MÖLKKY

Stranný 39
257 56 Neveklov
IČO - 22758003

Doručovací adresa:
Koniklecová 454/8
634 00 Brno


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