Czech-Moravian Mölkky Cup 2015


The Czech Mölkky Association has come with a new project for 2015. It is called Czech-Moravian Mölkky Cup 2015 and it was solemnly introduced at the 3rd Mölkky Championship of Czech Republic.

It consists of four tournaments in Rakovník, Zruč nad Sázavou, Brno and Dobruška.

Teams are made up of 3+1 members (an alternate member). Also abroad teams can participate, but only complete Czech teams will be evaluated at this Cup. The Czech team which will have the best position will achieve 10 points into C-MMC 2015 table. Also Indoor Championship of CZ 2015 will be included into the Cup. Unfortunately, in some tournaments will be limited number of teams, so you should think now where we will meet next time.

More information can be found on our websites in a few weeks. A registration will be opened at the turn of November and December 2014.


Name Date Place
Czech Indoor Mölkky Championship 2015 21st - 22nd March 2015 Rakovník
II. Spring Gold Mölkky of Zruč 1st May 2015 Zruč nad Sázavou
Brno Throwing 2015 23rd May 2015* Brno - Nový Lískovec
Dobruška MÖLKKY OPEN 2015 20th June 2015 Dobruška

*Terms are just tentative.


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